3D Printers- All about it.

The world of printing is changing with the 3D technology. It isn’t something really new altogether. But, there were many researches and lots of studies about this 3D since ages, but the better products and great outputs are something of the recent. There has been a constant effort in this field and the fruits are reaped in the recent past.

3D printing involves certain technologies for producing the end result. 3D printing is very similar to 2D printing, you have a model image, and they get printed, to talk in lay man terms. But what creates the difference is that, the way it’s done. In 2D, you select an image, and say print. You get the required image on a paper. But, 3D isn’t just that, it creates the image as in reality. To create this master work-3D model, just a piece of paper and ink isn’t really enough. There are different filaments used to create 3D objects.

There are various filaments used in today’s 3D printing technology. . The most commonly used filaments are:

* ABS and PLA

* PVA and HIPS

* Nylon

* Wood

* PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)

* Polycarbonate (PC)

* Metal

* Carbon Fiber

* Lignin

There are even more types, nearly 20 types of filaments are used. We have listed only the very regularly used, all across the globe.

Were you a little shocked when you read that wood is also a filament in bringing out the 3D objects? Yes, [wood material] 3d printer objects are out in the market. They are prepared using wood granular powder. This powder is got by wood chips, those tiny wood pieces. And with the help of 3D technology, the objects are produced. This can be said as eco-friendly way too.

Well, did you observe that even metal was in the list? Thinking, how come 3D printer can print with Metal filaments??? Well, with this Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) technology, metal filaments are sued to bring out the 3D Printer objects of metal. There is this company called Virtual Metal Foundry who has launched ‘Filamet’, which is a new metal infused filament. You can use copper and bronze now, to print your 3D objects. They are producing 99% of metal 3D object, which is real close, and aiming to reduce the amount of plastic used.

So, thinking how to buy a 3D printer and which is the best one? Don’t go out anywhere, we are telling you here. The best quality 3D PRINTER MODELS are:

* Makergear M2

* Ultimaker2

* Formlabs Form2 SLA 3D Printer

We bet you on their quality, they are top ones. They are a little expensive, but definitely will give you no compromise in terms of quality.

Well, if you are on a budget, or you are just a beginner, then you might really find those options are too huge to consider. But hey, don’t lose your mind; there are 3D printer DIY kits available. The Best quality DIY 3D Printer models are here,

* Q3D TwoUp

* Q3D OneUp

* He3D Tricolor Kit

All the above ones are DIY kits which give you instructions and make you freer to build it in your imaginative way!

February 8, 2017

Posted In: 3D Printing