The Climate History Network grew out of discussions on H-Net Environment in 2009

The Climate History Network grew out of discussions on H-Net Environment in 2009 with the following goals:

First, to help historians interested in climate find references and resources and network with colleagues.  On these pages, you’ll find tools for teaching and research and news and updates about research on climate and history this review of DCD771c2!.

Second, to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration between climatologists and historians, to help reconstruct past and present climate change, and to place current climate events in long-term perspective.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.

Enjoy the site!

Best wishes from the editors and founders of the Climate History Network,

Sam White (

Dagomar Degroot (

New Publications on Climate and Crisis in History

This month UNC Press published Shirley Johnson’s new book, Climate and Catastrophe in Cuba and the Atlantic World, which explores the impact of extreme weather on the late 18th-century political economy of the Caribbean and the rise of revolutionary sentiments in the Atlantic world.

Bosch brute is working in all conditions In another significant recognition of climate in history, the latest issue of the American Historical Review includes a compelling article by Victor Lieberman, “Charter State Collapse in Southeast Asia, ca.1250-1400, as a Problem in Regional and World History.”  Drawing on ideas in his massive Strange Parallels, and working from recent paleoclimate data, Lieberman makes the case that onset of colder weather and erratic precipitation in the 14th century can help explain the otherwise mysterious top quality cordless wrench to buy near-simultaneous collapse of three Southeast Asian charter states, at a time of famine and political crisis from Western Europe to Yuan China.

Past Climate at the EGU (from PAGES)-November 20, 2011

The PAGES (Past Global Changes) network has sent the following announcement about climate panels at the European Geosciences Union 2012 meeting:

European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly 2012 (22-27 April 2012, Vienna, Austria)

As every year, there will be many sessions with relevance to PAGES, particularly those associated with the Climate (CL) division (

Specific sessions co-sponsored by PAGES or emerging from PAGES Working Groups’ activities include:

– Reconstructing the climate of the last two millennia (CL1.17/EG1)

Conveners: J. Luterbacher, D. McCarroll, F. González-Rouco, E. Zorita, L. von Gunten


– Interglacial climate change: Learning from paleoclimate archives and models (CL1.10)

Conveners: H. Renssen, D. Dahl-Jensen, H. Fischer


– Seasons and phenology: Evidence from observations, reconstructions, Milwaukee 2763-22 measurements and models (CL2.2)

Conveners: T. Rutishauser, A. Menzel, J. Weltzin, A. Donnelly


– Advances in Quaternary Geochronology (CL5.1/GM2.5)

Conveners: T. Kiefer, G. Duller, I. Hajdas, A. Lang


Abstract submission deadline is 17 Jan 2012.

February 22, 2017

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3D Printers- All about it.

The world of printing is changing with the 3D technology. It isn’t something really new altogether. But, there were many researches and lots of studies about this 3D since ages, but the better products and great outputs are something of the recent. There has been a constant effort in this field and the fruits are reaped in the recent past.

3D printing involves certain technologies for producing the end result. 3D printing is very similar to 2D printing, you have a model image, and they get printed, to talk in lay man terms. But what creates the difference is that, the way it’s done. In 2D, you select an image, and say print. You get the required image on a paper. But, 3D isn’t just that, it creates the image as in reality. To create this master work-3D model, just a piece of paper and ink isn’t really enough. There are different filaments used to create 3D objects.

There are various filaments used in today’s 3D printing technology. . The most commonly used filaments are:

* ABS and PLA

* PVA and HIPS

* Nylon

* Wood

* PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)

* Polycarbonate (PC)

* Metal

* Carbon Fiber

* Lignin

There are even more types, nearly 20 types of filaments are used. We have listed only the very regularly used, all across the globe.

Were you a little shocked when you read that wood is also a filament in bringing out the 3D objects? Yes, [wood material] 3d printer objects are out in the market. They are prepared using wood granular powder. This powder is got by wood chips, those tiny wood pieces. And with the help of 3D technology, the objects are produced. This can be said as eco-friendly way too.

Well, did you observe that even metal was in the list? Thinking, how come 3D printer can print with Metal filaments??? Well, with this Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) technology, metal filaments are sued to bring out the 3D Printer objects of metal. There is this company called Virtual Metal Foundry who has launched ‘Filamet’, which is a new metal infused filament. You can use copper and bronze now, to print your 3D objects. They are producing 99% of metal 3D object, which is real close, and aiming to reduce the amount of plastic used.

So, thinking how to buy a 3D printer and which is the best one? Don’t go out anywhere, we are telling you here. The best quality 3D PRINTER MODELS are:

* Makergear M2

* Ultimaker2

* Formlabs Form2 SLA 3D Printer

We bet you on their quality, they are top ones. They are a little expensive, but definitely will give you no compromise in terms of quality.

Well, if you are on a budget, or you are just a beginner, then you might really find those options are too huge to consider. But hey, don’t lose your mind; there are 3D printer DIY kits available. The Best quality DIY 3D Printer models are here,

* Q3D TwoUp

* Q3D OneUp

* He3D Tricolor Kit

All the above ones are DIY kits which give you instructions and make you freer to build it in your imaginative way!

February 8, 2017

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DSLR Cameras – which one is meant for you?

The market today:

If you were to buy a DSLR Camera for yourself or for an acquaintance and you were to try and do some basic market research on what exactly you should zero on, you will realize that there are two main options for you.

The market today has two great choices for anyone who wants to equip himself either professionally or just as a hobby to be able to click great pictures. They are

  1. Equipments from the photography giant, Canon; or
  2. The NASA recommended Nikon Electronics.

Tough choice, you say? Well, it in fact is!

Both the electronic giants are big enough to capture each other’s market share and their technological and research and development prowess are at par. Both of them come out with variant models and upgrade them as soon as possible. And there seems to be a healthy competition where the consumer seeks to benefit in the form of regular upgrades and most competitive pricing.

Here is a list of the top rated dslr cameras in 2016:

The list enumerates the name of the model that is most popularly tagged with the brand name. The camera retailers and the photographers insist on using the series to name them specifically because both the companies logically follow a pattern while upgrading to the next model and the number series helps them to easily identify the preceding and the succeeding models.

  1. Canon EOS 5DS
  2. Nikon D810
  3. Nikon D500
  4. Canon EOS 7D Mark II
  5. Canon EOS 80D
  6. Nikon D7200
  7. Nikon D750
  8. Pentax K -1
  9. Nikon D3300
  10. Canon EOS Rebel T6i

Is there a way to know which is the best Nikon DSLR camera for you?

If you are stuck on the question which should be your first Nikon Camera, here is a quick reckoning:

  1. It should suit your purpose:

Look at the camera as a means to fulfill your purpose. No need to go for the most expensive or fancier model. Start modestly. You can acquire the serious models once you graduate in your work;

  1. The functions should not be too mind boggling:

You must choose a camera which is simple to use. And stay away from the complicated function dash boards that can overwhelm you at least in the beginning;

  1. Not too heavy on the pocket

Go light when going in for the first one and prefer to talk to experts before deciding which one of them will fit like glove on your hands.

Here are the reviews of the most popular models – one from each of the brands:

  1. Canon EOS 5D:

This camera is a beauty in itself. It has a full frame CMOS which boasts of an astounding 50.6 Mega Pixels picture quality and a 61 point Auto focus. The screen is 3.2 inches wide and the shooting speed is amazingly high at 5fps. This model is recommended for the professionals and photography experts who will have full use for the excellent features and can create magic with the lenses.

The only downside is that it does not have a built in Wi-Fi and ultra video recording. The absence of both these features makes it necessary for the camera to be loaded with bigger memory cards and it could be a bother to keep manually transferring still images and videos when the card is full.

  1. Nikon d3300 review 2016/2017:

Even thought the model is price friendly, the features in it make it the most desirable entry level camera. The features of the camera are logically arranged on the case itself and it gives enough scope for the person to learn while he still has hands on the camera. The sensor is CMOS and it has 24.2 Mega pixels with an 11 point auto focus. The screen which is 3 inches wide allows for continuous 5fps speed while shooting.

The downside of this camera is that it is a little too small for some hands. But for its price and the feature that it packages it is a full value for the money spent. It is highly recommended tool for learning the ropes in photography.

January 26, 2017

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Choose your Night Vision Binocular Wisely

When you are out hunting at day or night, you are bound to use a binocular. The reason behind this is it allows you to get a closer look at the animals that are around, despite being far off. The technology used in binoculars magnifies the subject and make it look bigger to your eyes. When it comes to hunting, such a technology is something you cannot do without, because you need to know how far the animal is.

Though you can shoot it when it’s close by, you need some distance for you to get prepared for the shot. Only when your binoculars are effective, you can see things at a distance, clearer. If you want to be very sure about the binocular before you can buy it, it is always advisable to read a Review of binoculars to see at night.

What You Need

So, when you want to buy the right pair of binoculars, you must have done enough research. Checking the different sizes of the device alone is not enough. You need to check the amplifications too.

Here is a list of things to be considered while picking out your binocular:

Your Environment – You need to consider where you will be using the binoculars.

* Whether it will be used during the day or night

* if it will be in an open space or a closed space

* The distance, etc.

Light – How will the lighting be? Will it be a well lit area or a dark place? Weather can play havoc with light too. Hence you need to choose a binocular that is more efficient.

Gain – You need to consider the gain on your binoculars. This is important because this factor is what will tell you how the light will be. Gain measures the level of light you will be able to see when you look through the lens. If it is for hunting at night time, you need to invest in a high gain binoculars.

Image Quality – The quality of the image is very important. Unless you are able to see very clearly, there is no point in investing in a specific instrument that claims to help you see better. Check the quality of the image by looking through the lens. Keep in mind the distance at which you will be viewing your subject.

Photosensitivity – This refers to the minimum level of light required to for the sensor to pick it up.

Size – the size of the instrument is very important as it is what you are going to carry. Look for the best small binoculars on the market *, so that you have something compact and convenient to carry.

When you have decided to buy a binocular for your hunting or any other purpose, you need to go through a review of binoculars to see at night. Such reviews can not only tell you which model can offer the best image but you can find pocket friendly models too. If budget is a constraint, you can look for top quality binoculars under $1000.

If your list has many models, do a comparison of models: Hunting binocular, so that you can get the best model in the market.

January 25, 2017

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Give Me All The Microphones

One would think that microphones are boring. Made of metal, boring colours, and they don’t do much except send sound across to an audience. Only a professional sound person is excited by microphones. A producer, or a recording artiste gets a high from any boring piece of equipment that the lay person can find boring or even complicated.

That being said there are plenty of audio equipment out there that fit the bill of thrilling and exciting. One of them is the SEnnheiser brand. Take for instance the red color and black: Sennheiser e835 – while you would think you need to be Beyonce to get custom made microphones, you’re wrong. There are plenty of online vendors who are willing to take a plain microphone and pimp it out to give it a whole new character! You can customize everything from the mesh to the handle and snazzy up your microphone to make it of a kind. If you have the money to spare then why not?

Next in line is the audio technica AT2020. This is an entry level microphone, and here’s our audio technica at2020 review – this is a very good mic for vocals and instrumentals. The sound quality is such that it suits most vocalists and doesn’t let their high octave or any other factor compromise the clarity of the vocals. Unlike cameras which manipulate colours to give an end picture that isn’t believable, this mic doesn’t offer an end result that could seem improbable.


* Well-priced

* Works excellently as a general purpose mic

* Good engineering and good sound


* Doesn’t come with a shockmount

* Works well only for specific sounds

Another mic that is worth the trouble is ATR2100. This is a dynamic mic best suited for live performances, that being said, it works excellently as a recording mic. And my atr2100 rocks!!! Because it can tell a great story and not compromise on sound in any way. Imagine this, a smooth re-rendition of an old Sinatra classic, ruined because the mic you’re using simply can’t capture the bass in your voice or capture a missed nuance, what you have is akin to white noise!

The ATR 2100 doesn’t need much but a USB port to connect it and you’re good to go! Imagine how easy that has made your life as a recording artist. To top it off, you’re talking about a mic that will leave your computer or phone redundant because of the intricate way in which it can record sound. The biggest con is the stand it comes with. The tripod at the base really doesn’t add much aesthetic value and makes for a slightly ugly appearance.

After all that, it’s time to look at the best microphone for vocals. When you’re recording vocals, either spoken word or song, you need a mic that discards the white noise in the background and captures every essence in your voice. Not only will this ensure that you have

a fabulous recording, but this also means that your listeners are treated to a wonderful listening experience. Among the best vocal mics are :

* Shure SM58

* Rode NT1A

* Shure SM7B

January 18, 2017

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Does This Drone Match Up To The Expectations?

Udi u818A Review:

* Akaso drones are popular for their beginner models for drone enthusiasts.

* But if you want to try a different type or else want to experiment with different brands.

* One good option is the Udi brand.

* The Udi u818A is a good option for beginner drones or quadcopter as they are popularly known as.

* Before investing is an expensive one, practicing your drone skills on such beginner drones is highly recommended.

* As much as you may try, if you are a beginner you would crash your drone, multiple times.

* For your first few rides avoid flying the drone over hard, strong surfaces. Fly them in grassy areas, so that even the crash would not damage your drone.

* This would prove to be a big loss if you invested in an expensive, as crashing on a hard surface usually leads to irreparable damage to the drone.

* It has great stability, and is strongly built.

* It is equally good for indoor and outdoor use.

* It works with the help of batteries that you have to charge for a couple of hours before using.

* It has a radio remote controller.

* The package comes with separate parts and an instruction manual to assemble it.

* There are two different modes to choose from.

* They are equipped with light emitting diodes that help you to ascertain the status.

* Practice a couple of times indoor before venturing out.

Another popular feature to be added to your drone is a gopro camera. Gopro produces affordable action cameras, that can be used to capture live action and could be used in any climatic conditions and as well as different terrains. It is strong and sturdy. It is compact in size which means that it easily fits in most cramped spaces and also fixes up on different objects. So your hands are free from all the capturing. These camera themselves are not water resistant, but come with a strong casing that provides and protects it with water. They come in different models. And the higher the rate, higher the video quality with slow motion options.The only downside to them is that they usuallly do not have a viewfinder.

Gopro might have disadvantages when used on its own, but when used with drone, it becomes an inexpensive and effective way to capture video and photographs. All you have to do id secure a drone or a quadcopter, an gopro camera that does not weigh more than hundred grams and some securing items and adhesive. You can easily search video tutorials for gopro mounted on a drone model. If you have already mastered flying drones and are now ready to invest in a full fledged drone model, you can invest in models such as DJI phantom.

Especially check for DJI Phantom 4 review !!! You can easily search for comparatively analysis such as how Hubsan x4 h107c+ can compare? With other drones.

January 18, 2017

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Solar Panels For Residential Vehicles

Do you like camping? Do you own a RV (resident Vehicle)? Then do you know about the electrical system? Have you ever wondered what you would do if you run out of power in a remote location? Have you ever thought of using solar power? Maybe you have a question can I have a solar 18ah battery for my RV? Or is Windy nation solar kid any good??? Is DIY SOLAR POWER possible? Read on to know the answers to your questions

Generally an RV has three electrical systems, an automotive system and a coach system that runs on 12 volt DC each and a 120 volt AC coach system. Most of the campgrounds that you frequent with your RV have an external 120 volt power source for you to use. Once you connect, it powers your RV and you can use many appliances like microwave, refrigerator and air conditioner. The rest usually works in DC and hence the AC power gets converted to DC and can be used for lights, fans, stereo etc. There will be circuit breakers and fuses to protect your devices, this is what at an overview the RV electrical system has. For the DC system one can use a deep cycle battery.

The Deep cycle battery could be a solar battery that is rated as 12V 18ah. The ah or ampere hour is a measure of how many current in amps can be supplied by the battery over a period of time. This battery can be charged and discharged a number of times by connecting it to Solar Panels.

Charging the battery could be done using a Do It Yourself solar kit that are available easily. One needs to buy the required solar panels and connect it to the deep cycle battery to store the energy. Unless one wants to use it at home as well there is no need to connect an inverter to convert the DC to AC. For use in RV, DC power is good enough and the solar battery can be easily used.

One can also buy a 200W Windy Nation solar kit, which provides 200 Watts of power. It is perfect for a backup power source, adding a 12 volt battery and a DC to Ac convertor would make it as a good generator. It comes with a digital display that provides detailed information on the system. It can produce up to 67 Amp hours of charge per day depending on the available sunlight. Hence it makes as an ideal power source to be used for an RV.

If you still have doubts if this is any good then you can read solar generators reviews online. There are many reviews that compare parameter by parameter on the available solar power generators and panels and you can decide for yourself what is good to buy.

No matter what solar panel or battery or generator you use, it produces clean and green energy and is sure to act as a great backup for RVs. So the next time before you take out your RV for camping, buy a DIY solar kit or buy one that is readily available but do not forget to take one with you. Have a clean and green Camping!

December 30, 2016


Hover Boards For Your Kids and You!

We know the hover boards, seen them, though not used. Here is exactly their definition, for those who may not know. Self-balancing boards or self-balancing scooters, also often called as Hover boards, have 2 wheels which are placed side-by-side with a tiny platform for the wheeler to stand. The gyroscopic sensored pads recognize the riders feet movements and move according to that.

Love to glide like others, without touching the ground or falling off? Ah! Yea, that’s a dream for many of us, who have seen young boys and girls playing using these boards. It’s so amazing to see them do it fantastically without much effort or pain on their faces.

So planning to buy a hoverboard and start practising? Or planning to buy your kids one and get them gliding just like others? Before buying you must know that hoverboards are separate for kids and you. Its better you buy them like that. Don’t try to use the same for both of you, be it of whatever age you are!

Hoverboard for kids {boys and girls too} are slightly different than the adult ones. Though not many models are available, but the few that are there, are mentioned specifically that they are best for kids. Here are few of them thatsuit your kids.

* Razor Hovertrax 2.0 stands the best out of others. It is best suited for kids 8+. It comes with UL certification and is easy to use.

* 6 Zoll Elektro Smart Board Self-balance board

* Mini Smart Self-balancing, 2 wheeledscooters.

There are many colours and vibrant designs offered in these boards. Kids love colourful ones. For those die-hard fans of White colour, Segway has a cool white hoverboard which is 6” and is suitable for all ages.

It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses, batteries are by Samsung. It has high power LED lights under each foot panel to direct your way. The motor is silent yet powerful, offers great speed. What more a beginner needs?

Well, now coming to you, after your kids turn! Thinking which is the best Hoverboard to buy!!!Yes, we shall give you the list of best ones. Don’t worry too much and leave the job to us. Just read ahead and find the names.

* The topper is the EPIKGO hoverboard.

* Next is, Segway miniPro

* Razor Hovertrax 2.0

* SwagTron T3

* SwagTron T1

These are all among the best models of this year. You may check out at sports outlets or even think of buying them online.

With much advancement in internet technologies, buying anything and everything is possible online. There are hoverboard for sale – online, for those who don’t have the time to go out to shops, stand in queues, check their sizes and designs, wait for billing and all that. Its completely safe to buy online. In-fact there are many benefits of buying online, few sites give you return back policy, buy back, easy refunds, great deals. You get exciting discounts and privilege of getting it delivered at your doorstep, being an online customer. For those on budget, you get even used ones for sale by owners. You can try your hand and get a good deal.

December 27, 2016

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Top class Radar Detectors- Just for You!

Going without a radar detector? Did you ever think of getting ticketed for speeding? It is wiser to have a radar detector with you, each day. You never know how busy or stressed your day can get, unless you get one. With all the stress, chances are high that you would get ticketed. Once is fine, but a repeated offence can get your license suspended!We hope you know how difficult it is, to get a license done.

Well, even before you know which one is best, it’s pretty good to know what a detector is! Radar detectors are devices used by motorists or vehicle riders to check if their speed is being monitored by the police. These radar detectors use superheterodyne receiver to detect the electromagnetic emissions from these radio guns and alert the motorist about the speed levels.

Giving you the BOMB! Escort passport MAX 2, the top class model, both in features and price radar detector. Firstly, Escort Company is becoming the pioneer in the industry. It has credits of producing world class radar detectors. Escort is the only company in the World to produce all digital detectors with true Digital Signal Processing [DSP] to alert real threats accurately and fast too.

Second, it combines great features, and the output is just irresistible. Let’s see the features of this Max2. This one covers almost all bands used by the police- X-band, K-band, Ka-band, laser and more. It has built-in GPS which can hold information of red-lights, speeding cameras on your way. This keeps you alerted way before in time. Forget about those false alarms from mall doors openings and others. This device will shut those noises for you. It gives you a bright display to help you in monitoring. Not just alerting you about the speed barriers on road, it even alerts you when your car exceeds certain set limits. You can connect to the Escort Live app too, and also connect them on your smartphone.

What more it’s sleek, stylish and more over it gets you across safely. This can be your best buy, provided you don’t mind the higher price.

We have Cobra radar detectors, which are next best ones, both in price and quality. They are the leading names in radar detectors. Giving you review of, Cobra SPX 7800bt!!! This Cobra radar detector review is detailed.

This is one of the outstanding models from Cobra SPX series. This device is compatible with the free cobra iRadar app. This model has customisation set up options too, which can be done according to your need. Set up is an easy task with cobra.


This model can detect X-band, K-band, Ka, and Ku-band frequencies. Cobra’s unit also picks up POP radar, VG-2 RDD, Spectre RDD, and laser signals too. It is fast enough to recognize all these signals. Not many other competing models have this band width. It has automatic zoom feature, which gives much visibility of the road ahead. This device has live traffic data integration, which lets you know the traffic places, and help you prepare for it or find alternatives. It has a built -in Bluetooth facility too.

It gives you voice alert, helping you concentrate on the road. It is well designed to fit in the vehicle without much effort. What more do one need? Hope this reviews helped you.

December 27, 2016

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Quick Reference Guide For Buying Guns Online

Did you know you could actually buy guns online? However, civilians holding arms license are allowed to purchase only Non-Prohibited Bore (NPB) category weapons. If you are looking forward to buy a weapon for self-defence purpose but can’t seem to figure out local authorized dealers or travel to other cities and places to find a gun or ammunition or any other accessory, fret no more!

There are multiple online platforms where you could easily find like-minded people who are willing to buy or sell firearms, guns and other such equipment. These online marketplaces comply as per the laws and act only as a market place where people can list their legally permitted possessions for sale and those who are interested and legally eligible can contact them for closing a deal.

However, one must exercise caution before inking any such deals as these online platforms do not take responsibility of legal possession of the firearms. It is the assumed responsibility of the seller to ensure the weapon/advertisement he/she is posting is that of a legally permitted one. Any violation of the same will be strictly punished as per the law.

During our research, we came across some web portals that cater to the ever growing needs of gun lovers and enthusiasts in the country!

* – India’s leading comprehensive market place for all things Guns. It’s the go to place for buying all kinds of firearms from ruger 380 to sport guns and corbon ammunition. On their platform, one can easily find out for instance glock 19 price and also get the ruger gp100 review for 2016. One may easily order and get access to accessories, sports equipment, spare parts, pellets, cartridges and much more.

* Aimco – This is a company dealing in air rifles and air pistols. They are authorized distributors of rifles, pistols and relets and other related accessories. They do not deal in imported firearms and only sell India made equipment.

* Grabagun – This is another online platform that deals in firearms, accessories, ammo, magazines, tactical gear, spare parts etc. Well known for great prices, they have an extensive inventory of fine quality of all kinds of firearms and accessories.

But before you get started in exploring the right weapon for your use, you must ensure you obtain a valid license by all fair means. For the convenience of our readers, here is a list of documents needed for obtaining a new arms license:-

1. Copy of Ration card

2. Election card

3. Last 3 year’s I.T. Returns /challan copy/assessment orders

4. Two character certificates from the responsible citizens from your locality

5. Physical fitness certificate

6. Proof of Educational Qualifications (self-attested copies of certificates. Original should not be submitted along with application).

7. Proof of age (Birth Certificate/school leaving certificate)

8. Supporting documents to justify the need for holding the firearm for security or for sports etc.

Below mentioned is the complete procedure for obtaining the license of a weapon:-

* Application for the grant of Arm License is submitted in the office of DCP along with above mentioned documents

* On receipt of an application, the licensing authority shall call for the report of the Officer in charge.

* The SHO of the concerned police station conducts a background check of the applicant

* The Applicant is then called for an interview by the licensing authority to ascertain if he is of sound mind and licensing authority after considering the report received from SHO, shall by order in writing either grant the license or refuse to grant the same.

* After issue of license the weapon can be purchased from any authorized dealer/authorized licensee.

Hope you find this information useful to be able to make the right choice! Stay safe!!!

December 6, 2016

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