The Climate History Network grew out of discussions on H-Net Environment in 2009

The Climate History Network grew out of discussions on H-Net Environment in 2009 with the following goals:

First, to help historians interested in climate find references and resources and network with colleagues.  On these pages, you’ll find tools for teaching and research and news and updates about research on climate and history this review of DCD771c2!.

Second, to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration between climatologists and historians, to help reconstruct past and present climate change, and to place current climate events in long-term perspective.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.

Enjoy the site!

Best wishes from the editors and founders of the Climate History Network,

Sam White (

Dagomar Degroot (

New Publications on Climate and Crisis in History

This month UNC Press published Shirley Johnson’s new book, Climate and Catastrophe in Cuba and the Atlantic World, which explores the impact of extreme weather on the late 18th-century political economy of the Caribbean and the rise of revolutionary sentiments in the Atlantic world.

Bosch brute is working in all conditions In another significant recognition of climate in history, the latest issue of the American Historical Review includes a compelling article by Victor Lieberman, “Charter State Collapse in Southeast Asia, ca.1250-1400, as a Problem in Regional and World History.”  Drawing on ideas in his massive Strange Parallels, and working from recent paleoclimate data, Lieberman makes the case that onset of colder weather and erratic precipitation in the 14th century can help explain the otherwise mysterious top quality cordless wrench to buy near-simultaneous collapse of three Southeast Asian charter states, at a time of famine and political crisis from Western Europe to Yuan China.

Past Climate at the EGU (from PAGES)-November 20, 2011

The PAGES (Past Global Changes) network has sent the following announcement about climate panels at the European Geosciences Union 2012 meeting:

European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly 2012 (22-27 April 2012, Vienna, Austria)

As every year, there will be many sessions with relevance to PAGES, particularly those associated with the Climate (CL) division (

Specific sessions co-sponsored by PAGES or emerging from PAGES Working Groups’ activities include:

– Reconstructing the climate of the last two millennia (CL1.17/EG1)

Conveners: J. Luterbacher, D. McCarroll, F. González-Rouco, E. Zorita, L. von Gunten


– Interglacial climate change: Learning from paleoclimate archives and models (CL1.10)

Conveners: H. Renssen, D. Dahl-Jensen, H. Fischer


– Seasons and phenology: Evidence from observations, reconstructions, Milwaukee 2763-22 measurements and models (CL2.2)

Conveners: T. Rutishauser, A. Menzel, J. Weltzin, A. Donnelly


– Advances in Quaternary Geochronology (CL5.1/GM2.5)

Conveners: T. Kiefer, G. Duller, I. Hajdas, A. Lang


Abstract submission deadline is 17 Jan 2012.

February 22, 2017

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