Quick Reference Guide For Buying Guns Online

Did you know you could actually buy guns online? However, civilians holding arms license are allowed to purchase only Non-Prohibited Bore (NPB) category weapons. If you are looking forward to buy a weapon for self-defence purpose but can’t seem to figure out local authorized dealers or travel to other cities and places to find a gun or ammunition or any other accessory, fret no more!

There are multiple online platforms where you could easily find like-minded people who are willing to buy or sell firearms, guns and other such equipment. These online marketplaces comply as per the laws and act only as a market place where people can list their legally permitted possessions for sale and those who are interested and legally eligible can contact them for closing a deal.

However, one must exercise caution before inking any such deals as these online platforms do not take responsibility of legal possession of the firearms. It is the assumed responsibility of the seller to ensure the weapon/advertisement he/she is posting is that of a legally permitted one. Any violation of the same will be strictly punished as per the law.

During our research, we came across some web portals that cater to the ever growing needs of gun lovers and enthusiasts in the country!

* Bundook.in – India’s leading comprehensive market place for all things Guns. It’s the go to place for buying all kinds of firearms from ruger 380 to sport guns and corbon ammunition. On their platform, one can easily find out for instance glock 19 price and also get the ruger gp100 review for 2016. One may easily order and get access to accessories, sports equipment, spare parts, pellets, cartridges and much more.

* Aimco – This is a company dealing in air rifles and air pistols. They are authorized distributors of rifles, pistols and relets and other related accessories. They do not deal in imported firearms and only sell India made equipment.

* Grabagun – This is another online platform that deals in firearms, accessories, ammo, magazines, tactical gear, spare parts etc. Well known for great prices, they have an extensive inventory of fine quality of all kinds of firearms and accessories.

But before you get started in exploring the right weapon for your use, you must ensure you obtain a valid license by all fair means. For the convenience of our readers, here is a list of documents needed for obtaining a new arms license:-

1. Copy of Ration card

2. Election card

3. Last 3 year’s I.T. Returns /challan copy/assessment orders

4. Two character certificates from the responsible citizens from your locality

5. Physical fitness certificate

6. Proof of Educational Qualifications (self-attested copies of certificates. Original should not be submitted along with application).

7. Proof of age (Birth Certificate/school leaving certificate)

8. Supporting documents to justify the need for holding the firearm for security or for sports etc.

Below mentioned is the complete procedure for obtaining the license of a weapon:-

* Application for the grant of Arm License is submitted in the office of DCP along with above mentioned documents

* On receipt of an application, the licensing authority shall call for the report of the Officer in charge.

* The SHO of the concerned police station conducts a background check of the applicant

* The Applicant is then called for an interview by the licensing authority to ascertain if he is of sound mind and licensing authority after considering the report received from SHO, shall by order in writing either grant the license or refuse to grant the same.

* After issue of license the weapon can be purchased from any authorized dealer/authorized licensee.

Hope you find this information useful to be able to make the right choice! Stay safe!!!

December 6, 2016

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