Top class Radar Detectors- Just for You!

Going without a radar detector? Did you ever think of getting ticketed for speeding? It is wiser to have a radar detector with you, each day. You never know how busy or stressed your day can get, unless you get one. With all the stress, chances are high that you would get ticketed. Once is fine, but a repeated offence can get your license suspended!We hope you know how difficult it is, to get a license done.

Well, even before you know which one is best, it’s pretty good to know what a detector is! Radar detectors are devices used by motorists or vehicle riders to check if their speed is being monitored by the police. These radar detectors use superheterodyne receiver to detect the electromagnetic emissions from these radio guns and alert the motorist about the speed levels.

Giving you the BOMB! Escort passport MAX 2, the top class model, both in features and price radar detector. Firstly, Escort Company is becoming the pioneer in the industry. It has credits of producing world class radar detectors. Escort is the only company in the World to produce all digital detectors with true Digital Signal Processing [DSP] to alert real threats accurately and fast too.

Second, it combines great features, and the output is just irresistible. Let’s see the features of this Max2. This one covers almost all bands used by the police- X-band, K-band, Ka-band, laser and more. It has built-in GPS which can hold information of red-lights, speeding cameras on your way. This keeps you alerted way before in time. Forget about those false alarms from mall doors openings and others. This device will shut those noises for you. It gives you a bright display to help you in monitoring. Not just alerting you about the speed barriers on road, it even alerts you when your car exceeds certain set limits. You can connect to the Escort Live app too, and also connect them on your smartphone.

What more it’s sleek, stylish and more over it gets you across safely. This can be your best buy, provided you don’t mind the higher price.

We have Cobra radar detectors, which are next best ones, both in price and quality. They are the leading names in radar detectors. Giving you review of, Cobra SPX 7800bt!!! This Cobra radar detector review is detailed.

This is one of the outstanding models from Cobra SPX series. This device is compatible with the free cobra iRadar app. This model has customisation set up options too, which can be done according to your need. Set up is an easy task with cobra.


This model can detect X-band, K-band, Ka, and Ku-band frequencies. Cobra’s unit also picks up POP radar, VG-2 RDD, Spectre RDD, and laser signals too. It is fast enough to recognize all these signals. Not many other competing models have this band width. It has automatic zoom feature, which gives much visibility of the road ahead. This device has live traffic data integration, which lets you know the traffic places, and help you prepare for it or find alternatives. It has a built -in Bluetooth facility too.

It gives you voice alert, helping you concentrate on the road. It is well designed to fit in the vehicle without much effort. What more do one need? Hope this reviews helped you.

December 27, 2016

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