Solar Panels For Residential Vehicles

Do you like camping? Do you own a RV (resident Vehicle)? Then do you know about the electrical system? Have you ever wondered what you would do if you run out of power in a remote location? Have you ever thought of using solar power? Maybe you have a question can I have a solar 18ah battery for my RV? Or is Windy nation solar kid any good??? Is DIY SOLAR POWER possible? Read on to know the answers to your questions

Generally an RV has three electrical systems, an automotive system and a coach system that runs on 12 volt DC each and a 120 volt AC coach system. Most of the campgrounds that you frequent with your RV have an external 120 volt power source for you to use. Once you connect, it powers your RV and you can use many appliances like microwave, refrigerator and air conditioner. The rest usually works in DC and hence the AC power gets converted to DC and can be used for lights, fans, stereo etc. There will be circuit breakers and fuses to protect your devices, this is what at an overview the RV electrical system has. For the DC system one can use a deep cycle battery.

The Deep cycle battery could be a solar battery that is rated as 12V 18ah. The ah or ampere hour is a measure of how many current in amps can be supplied by the battery over a period of time. This battery can be charged and discharged a number of times by connecting it to Solar Panels.

Charging the battery could be done using a Do It Yourself solar kit that are available easily. One needs to buy the required solar panels and connect it to the deep cycle battery to store the energy. Unless one wants to use it at home as well there is no need to connect an inverter to convert the DC to AC. For use in RV, DC power is good enough and the solar battery can be easily used.

One can also buy a 200W Windy Nation solar kit, which provides 200 Watts of power. It is perfect for a backup power source, adding a 12 volt battery and a DC to Ac convertor would make it as a good generator. It comes with a digital display that provides detailed information on the system. It can produce up to 67 Amp hours of charge per day depending on the available sunlight. Hence it makes as an ideal power source to be used for an RV.

If you still have doubts if this is any good then you can read solar generators reviews online. There are many reviews that compare parameter by parameter on the available solar power generators and panels and you can decide for yourself what is good to buy.

No matter what solar panel or battery or generator you use, it produces clean and green energy and is sure to act as a great backup for RVs. So the next time before you take out your RV for camping, buy a DIY solar kit or buy one that is readily available but do not forget to take one with you. Have a clean and green Camping!

December 30, 2016