Give Me All The Microphones

One would think that microphones are boring. Made of metal, boring colours, and they don’t do much except send sound across to an audience. Only a professional sound person is excited by microphones. A producer, or a recording artiste gets a high from any boring piece of equipment that the lay person can find boring or even complicated.

That being said there are plenty of audio equipment out there that fit the bill of thrilling and exciting. One of them is the SEnnheiser brand. Take for instance the red color and black: Sennheiser e835 – while you would think you need to be Beyonce to get custom made microphones, you’re wrong. There are plenty of online vendors who are willing to take a plain microphone and pimp it out to give it a whole new character! You can customize everything from the mesh to the handle and snazzy up your microphone to make it of a kind. If you have the money to spare then why not?

Next in line is the audio technica AT2020. This is an entry level microphone, and here’s our audio technica at2020 review – this is a very good mic for vocals and instrumentals. The sound quality is such that it suits most vocalists and doesn’t let their high octave or any other factor compromise the clarity of the vocals. Unlike cameras which manipulate colours to give an end picture that isn’t believable, this mic doesn’t offer an end result that could seem improbable.


* Well-priced

* Works excellently as a general purpose mic

* Good engineering and good sound


* Doesn’t come with a shockmount

* Works well only for specific sounds

Another mic that is worth the trouble is ATR2100. This is a dynamic mic best suited for live performances, that being said, it works excellently as a recording mic. And my atr2100 rocks!!! Because it can tell a great story and not compromise on sound in any way. Imagine this, a smooth re-rendition of an old Sinatra classic, ruined because the mic you’re using simply can’t capture the bass in your voice or capture a missed nuance, what you have is akin to white noise!

The ATR 2100 doesn’t need much but a USB port to connect it and you’re good to go! Imagine how easy that has made your life as a recording artist. To top it off, you’re talking about a mic that will leave your computer or phone redundant because of the intricate way in which it can record sound. The biggest con is the stand it comes with. The tripod at the base really doesn’t add much aesthetic value and makes for a slightly ugly appearance.

After all that, it’s time to look at the best microphone for vocals. When you’re recording vocals, either spoken word or song, you need a mic that discards the white noise in the background and captures every essence in your voice. Not only will this ensure that you have

a fabulous recording, but this also means that your listeners are treated to a wonderful listening experience. Among the best vocal mics are :

* Shure SM58

* Rode NT1A

* Shure SM7B

January 18, 2017

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